Why You Should Get Into Business for Yourself

Why You Should Get Into Business for Yourself

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The present time that we live in has presented many opportunities for even the average person to become wealthy and live the life of their dreams. When you look back on history you will learn that there has been a change in the times which is reflected by the type of economy that each period represented.

There used to be the Agrarian Age which was agriculture oriented many years ago. During that time people would make their living from agricultural produce and take care of their families. A couple of people were very wealthy through this model for quite some time and life was good. This was basically self employment for the people that lived during that time and they would pass on their expertise to their families.

Industrial Age

What followed after the Agrarian Age was the Industrial Age that introduced the idea of industrialization as seen with the motor car industries, mining, factories, etc. It was a period when formal employment was introduced so that people would work in these industries which were owned by a few wealthy individuals and their families. As a result this saw less and less people become self employed.

It was during this time that employee benefits such as pension schemes were introduced to keep employees happy and win their loyalty. During that time people would work well into retirement and the companies they worked for would take care of their retirement needs and so life was pretty good for employees during that time.

Eventually there came a time when these big companies could no longer continue in the same vein with the introduction of new technologies and changes in the economy. Technology it was discovered could be used to do the work of many people and as a result people started to be replaced by these automated systems and it is a trend that has continued over the years.

Companies are now looking to cut costs and the retirement benefits that they used to offer their employees are no longer as viable as they used to be. This is the Information Age that we are currently living in. While it has presented those challenges to the old system it has meant opportunity for the average person, however to become wealthy.

In the Agrarian Age you could become wealthy only if you owned land and produced food for the community. In the Industrial you would become wealthy if you owned big companies and employed people which most people did not have. Only a few people had a real chance of becoming wealthy and passing on that legacy to their children and their children’s children. The Information Age has a whole new set of ideas however which should bring hope to you and me.

Information Age

Your ideas in this time can be a valuable asset when you put them to good use. We can point to examples like Facebook, Whatsapp, Amazon as companies that just started as ideas to make a difference in the world and they are worth billions of dollars now. In other words, the Information Age levels the playing field to allow anyone to have a chance of becoming wealthy and make money at home.

That is what most people aspire to nowadays, isn’t it? You also have that opportunity to transform your life and live the life that you aspire to. You may have an idea that you want to pursue to realize your dreams. When you leverage your expertise, your network and the Internet you stand a chance of actually fulfilling that dream.

Keep your current job but pursue that idea part time and eventually you can live full time when it really takes off and becomes big. That alone should be motivation enough to get into business for yourself as the times have changed and you cannot rely on the systems of yesterday to live comfortably.

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